Altronic DISN800 Ignition Module

Altronic DISN800 Ignition Module Guascor version 791 816-100C (791816-100C)

The DlSN is a full-featured industrial ignition system for small- to medium-sized stationary engines up to 16 cylinders. The DlSN system is intended for compression-stroke firing and usually uses a single pickup sensing, precision-machined timing disc rotating at engine camshaft speed. If crankshaft-referenced timing is desired, two pickups are used: one sensing firing magnets placed in the engine flywheel and the second sensing a single index magnet rotating at camshaft speed.

All DISN units offer up to eight firing patterns in a common unit and are available in 8,12 or 16-output models, each with multiple applications. The DlSN systems offers timing control options like one manual 16-position timing switch, remote potentiometer timing control or control from a 4-20 milliamp analog signal. The three LED diagnostic indicators give an instant indication of the basic incoming power and pickup signals.

The DlSN 801C series offers offset timing programmed in selected cylinders (for use with detonation detection systems) and two levels of spark energy.

Guascor uses 791 816-100C (791816-100C) on their gas engines. DISN 800 unit for Guascor egnines available from us. We supply it directly from Altronic in order to keep you cost down and make fair deal.

Module weight: 2630 grams

Module size: 22,5 x 18 x 9.5 cm

Module packed weight: 3500 grams

Module delivery package size: 32 x 32 x 19 cm



Altronic Spark Plug Leads

Standard Spark Plug Leads for Unshielded Spark Plug,
Unshielded Coil

Altronic spark plug leads for unshielded plugs 593 028




Non-resistor lead uses a standard silicone spark plug boot and is for use with unshielded ignition coils and unshielded spark plugs.

Part number 593028-L (where L is length) and available sizes 13", 17", 18", 21", 24"


Standard Spark Plug Leads for Unshielded Spark Plug, Shielded Altronic Coil

Standard Spark Plug Leads for Unshielded Spark Plug, Shielded Altronic Coil 593-005


For applications operating with shielded Altronic ignition coils and unshielded spark plugs, Altronic offers a lead with a shielded termination (coil side) and a silicone spark plug boot. It is available in a variety of lengths.
Part number 593005-L (where L is length) and available sizes 12", 16", 18", 22"

CSA-Certified Shielded Spark Plug Leads for Class I, Division 2, Group D Hazardous Areas

CSA-Certified Shielded Spark Plug Leads for Class I, Division 2, Group D Hazardous Areas 593-030

In order to comply with requirements for Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous areas, Altronic manufactures a stainless
steel-jacketed spark plug lead with a Teflon inner liner and shielded terminations. This lead is compatible with shielded
Altronic ignition coils and shielded (aircraft-style) spark plugs with 3/4"-20 connections.
Part number 593020-L (where L is length) and available sizes 1" 10", 13", 16"
Part number 593030-L (where L is length) and available sizes 2" 18", 24", 30"

CSA-Certified Safe-T-Lead™ Spark Plug Leads for Class I, Division 2, Group D Hazardous Areas

CSA-Certified Safe-T-Lead™ Spark Plug Leads for Class I, Division 2, Group D Hazardous Areas 593-121

The Altronic Safe-T-Lead™ is a patented spark plug lead designed for use in Division 2 hazardous area applications. Using
a proprietary, semi-conductive jacket over the high-tension cable instead of the traditional stainless steel braid, the Division 2
certified Safe-T-Lead™ enables the operator to use conventional troubleshooting tools such as timing lights, neon firing indicators, and scope probes. The reduction in capacitive loading, brought about by the elimination of the metallic jacket, also contributes to an increase of available voltage at the spark plug.

Available versions:

593121-L 1"  14", 18", 22"
593122-L 1"  18", 22"
593123-L 1"  14", 18", 22"
593131-L 2"  14", 18", 22"
593132-L 2"  14", 18", 22"
593133-L 2"  8", 14", 18", 22"
593134-L 2"  14", 19"

Ignition Coils

The ignition coil supplies the high voltage spark, and is therefore one of the most critical components in the ignition system performance chain. Available in several electrical and physical configurations, Altronic ignition coils are designed and produced in a new, state-of-theart manufacturing facility in Ohio—the most advanced in the world dedicated to production for use exclusively on stationary industrial engine applications.

To insure optimum performance, reliability, and service life, the ignition coil must be designed and matched for use with the selected ignition system.

Unshielded Round Case Coils

The standard for unshielded coils, the well-known Altronic blue, red and black variations are used in applications not requiring hazardous area certifications.

Unshielded Square Case Coils

An alternative to the round case design, these coils have extended spark duration.

Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System

The Altronic CPU-95 is a DC-powered, capacitive discharge digital ignition system applicable to all medium-sized industrial gas engines to 20 cylinders. The Display Module, typically mounted in the engine control panel, gives the user convenient access to critical operating information such as ignition system mode, engine speed, system diagnostics and setup functions. State-of-the-art combustion enhancement tools, including multistrike (two full-energy spark events), and automatic spark energy adjustment (incrementally raising required spark energy) help to minimize misfire and thus improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. These patented diagnostics offer users a means of continually monitoring spark plug wear and combustion stability without the addition of special ignition coils or high voltage probes. The part number for this traditional CPU-95 ingition system is Guascor 7664312 (76.64.312) - Altronic part number 791-950-16.

Special CPU-95 models:

CPU-95C - Developed for use on SI Controller-equipped Caterpillar 3500-series engines, the CPU-95C system replaces both the existing Altronic III unit and AIB box. Its installation allows for full access to the critical operational and diagnostic information and enhanced spark characteristic control resident in standard CPU-95 systems.

CPU-95 VariSpark™ — The CPU-95 VariSpark™ system is an innovative CPU-95 variant which utilizes capacitive-discharge ignition technology to deliver a long-duration spark typical of an inductive ignition system. This model is of particular interest to operators of large bore, low-BMEP engines that exhibit ignitability or combustion stability problems.

CPU-95 - 76.64.317 - Custom ignition system for Guascor (Dresser Rand) engines. This model also availabe from our company.

Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System
Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System


Altronic Products


Altronic, Inc. produces ignition systems for spark-ignited natural gas engines, instruments and controls for heavy duty rotating equipment, and control panels used principally in the oil and gas industry

Altronic digital and solid state ignition systems are the standard the world over. Altronic began production of the solid state Altronic I. ignition system for one-cylinder oil pumpjeck engines in 1966. This line was later extended to four variations covering all stationary engines from 10 to 10.000 horsepower. In he mid-1980's, Altronic introduced ignition systems based on digital circuits. These provided greater timing accuracy, the ability to change ignition timing electronically, and useful diagnostic information for the engine operator. Today, Altronic digital ignition systems are the OEM standard used by most stationary gas engine manufacturers worldwide.

CPU-95 ignition module Altronic cables, FlashGuard extensions Altronic ignition systems CPU-95 DISN 800
Altronic Ignition Systems Altronic Spark Plugs Ignition Accessories

Altronic also produces a line of ignition accessory items including FLASHGUARD industrial spark plugs and spark plug leads, specifically designed for heavy-duty continuous operation.

Altronic's digital instrument line began in the late 1970s with the industry's first digital annunciator, which replaced up to 32 electromechanical relays as indicators of alarms on gas compressor. This line now includes tachometers, hour-meters, pyrometers, and microprocessor-based instruments for monitoring pressures, temperatures, speed and ignition timing. In addition, engine air/ fuel ratio controls are available.