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Double Iridium Industrial Spark Plugs

Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plugs


The Bosch Double Ir Spark Plug was optimized for customers operating in landfill and biogas applications looking for longer service life. The large, 2.4mm high content iridium center and ground electrode resist wear and erosion caused by biogas applications. Test results have shown over 4,500 hours on a CAT 3520 running landfill gas – 50% longer than the previous plug used. Longer run times reduce engine downtime. The result, reduced operating costs and higher revenue for the operator.


Double Platinum Industrial Spark Plugs

Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plugs

The Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plugs combine over one hundred years of spark plug engineering experience with robust construction of the highest quality heavy duty components. The result is a superior platinum/iridium spark plug which exhibits unsurpassed reliability and a greatly extended service life. Precious metals in both the center and ground electrodes provide exceptional resistance to wear.