Altronic DISN800 Ignition Module

Altronic DISN800 Ignition Module Guascor version 791 816-100C (791816-100C)

The DlSN is a full-featured industrial ignition system for small- to medium-sized stationary engines up to 16 cylinders. The DlSN system is intended for compression-stroke firing and usually uses a single pickup sensing, precision-machined timing disc rotating at engine camshaft speed. If crankshaft-referenced timing is desired, two pickups are used: one sensing firing magnets placed in the engine flywheel and the second sensing a single index magnet rotating at camshaft speed.

All DISN units offer up to eight firing patterns in a common unit and are available in 8,12 or 16-output models, each with multiple applications. The DlSN systems offers timing control options like one manual 16-position timing switch, remote potentiometer timing control or control from a 4-20 milliamp analog signal. The three LED diagnostic indicators give an instant indication of the basic incoming power and pickup signals.

The DlSN 801C series offers offset timing programmed in selected cylinders (for use with detonation detection systems) and two levels of spark energy.

Guascor uses 791 816-100C (791816-100C) on their gas engines. DISN 800 unit for Guascor egnines available from us. We supply it directly from Altronic in order to keep you cost down and make fair deal.

Module weight: 2630 grams

Module size: 22,5 x 18 x 9.5 cm

Module packed weight: 3500 grams

Module delivery package size: 32 x 32 x 19 cm