Champion RB77WPCC


Champion RB77WPCC spark plug


Thread size: 18mm
Thread reach: 13/16"
Hexa size: 7/8"
Execution: unshielded
Ground electrode: Cu-Ni-Pt,  J-tipus
Centre electrode: Cu-Ni-Ir
Heat range: Medium
Application filed: Guascor, Waukesha VHP/VGF, Perkins TESI, Caterpillar

Champion RB77WPCC electróda

This plugs is still very good alternative to use in Guascor SFGLD series gas engines. Guascor supplied their engines with this spark plugs up to 2004, when they decided to trade the plugs under their own name.

We are still using this plug with CPU-95 ignition systems for SFGLD engines running on natural gas.