Woodward TecJet 50 Plus Precision Flow

Intelligent Electronic Gas Metering Valve

Part number: 8407-514

Part number for cable: 1249-1030


TecJet 50 Plus Precision Flow Intelligent Electronic Gas Metering Valve



EFFICIENCY, PERFORMANCE, AND EMISSIONS. In today's marketplace, these factors play a key role in gas engine development. As engine performance advances are made, gas metering devices should be more flexible and accurate, and be used for a wide range of gas qualities, from natural gas to propane.

Meet the TecJet™ valve. The TecJet is an electronic gas metering valve for singlepoint injection. It has integrated sensors and electronics, which provide the correct gas flow under all specified conditions. In general, a separate engine control system, like the EGS-01 control, calculates the desired gas flow from the different engine and gas parameters. This desired gas flow is transmitted through a CAN link to the TecJet valve(s). The TecJet valve ensures that the desired gas flow is attained, automatically compensating for changes in gas pressure and gas temperature.

The microcomputer inside the TecJet valve converts the desired gas flow signal and gas parameter information into a valve position (which corresponds to the desired gas flow), depending on gas inlet pressure, gas temperature, and the pressure difference across the valve.


• Flexible inputs, so an OEM engine control system can be used. The EGS-01 is therefore not an absolute requirement. Communication in two directions possible with other control systems by means of the integrated CAN bus.

• Fast response to flow commands, which makes it possible to accept large load steps without losing engine speed.

• High turn-down ratio that makes it possible to use one TecJet model for a wide range of fuel flow requirements.

• The non-linear opening characteristics of the TecJet gas control valve enable you to control the gas flow at idle with accuracy and stability.

• Size: equivalent to Ø17 mm

Special features

• Forms ideal combination with EGS-01 control
• Microprocessorbased mass gas flow control
• Communication in two directions by CAN bus
• Fast response to flow commands
• Accurate over entire flow range
• Compensates for gas pressure and gas temperature fluctuations
• Integrated sensors and electronics
• Requires only analog or digital desired gas flow  orignal and supply voltage


The TecJet™ valve, together with an engine control system, forms an ideal combination for operating gas engines with a gas specific gravity from 0.4 to 1.6. The TecJet 50 Plus Precision Flow gas control valve is applicable for stationary applications within a power range of 50 to 250 kW for pipeline-quality natural gas, or 50 to 380 kW for propane. Flow range is also dependent on other factors such as fuel pressure, fuel differential pressure across the valve, fuel temperature, etc. Consult the applicable TecJet Installation and Operation manual or a Woodward application engineer for actual sizing of a valve.

The TecJet gas control valve is typically installed upstream of the turbo. The TecJet has a fast response to handle variations in engine load and speed. This is important for good engine behavior, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and load changes. With the help of a PC (personal computer), you can easily monitor and set up the TecJet valve for your specific application.