Donaldson P55 4005 Oil Filter

Donladson filter for Guascor SFGLD engines

This oil filter was supplied along with natural gas Guascor engines up to 2004, when Guascor simply redesigned the counter piece (oil filter connection) and started to supply the filters with their own logo. Donaldson P554005 is still convenient for Gasucor SFGLD engines and clever operators can save considerable money by using the old school solution.

Guascor filter support

The counter piece - the coper tube with threads on both ends -  has to be changed and you can use this filter again. There three tubes can be seen on the above picture. They are easy to remove and replace.


1625168 Guascor oil filter connection

The part number of the old oil filter connection, which was previously supplied by Guascor, is 1625168.

Guascor Donaldson Oil Filter