7664604 replacement pre-chamber for HGM and SFGM engines

76.64.604 prechamber spark plugs available for Guascor HGM560 and SFGM560 gas engines

76.64.604 Guascor pre-chamber spark plug


This pre-chamber spark plug is specially designed for the Guascor HGM560 engines, but also can be used in the Guascor SFGM series. The unique design of this pre-chamber gives a better engine performance.  Other advantages of this exclusive spark plug are reduced (NOx) emissions, less blockage of the holes and longer plug life time which reduces maintenance and costs.

76.64.604 Guascor pre-chamber spark plug sleeve 7664604 Guascor pre-chamber spark plug

These plugs were specially designed for Guascor HGM560 engines and can also be used in the Guascor SFGM series. The only requirement is the correct sleeve.


76.64.604 Guascor pre-chamber spark plug size


Unique technology based on producer's own patents

- Better engine performance thanks to a very efficient pre-chamber design
- Longer plug lifetime, reduces maintenance
- Lower gas consumption achievable
- Competitive pricing


Amplification of ignition energy level in main combustion chamber.

Fast and complete combustion process.

Reduced combustion pressure variations.

Improved engine efficiency.

Reduced NOx emission level.


Lower voltage requirement for the spark ignition.

High durability without maintenance.

Better engine performance due to lower wear rates.

Hatraco prechamber / pre-chamber spark plug 71.018-02 to replace Guascor 76.64.604