Guascor Cylinder Head Recondition Kit for HGM560 series (1975B80)


19.75.B80 compromises all parts necessary for a Guascor HGM cylinder head reconditioning as per the table below.



Item Part number Quantity Description
  1610079 8 Valve cotter
1 9912256 4 Valve guide (same part number, but 2 different guides)
2 1910262 2 Intake valve seat
3 1910263 2 Exhaust valve seat (112414J)
4 1610072 4 Valve stem seal
5 1910243 2 Intake valve
6 1910244 2 Exhaust valve
7 1910181 4 Valve disk
8 1910182 4 Washer
  7415002 4 Circlip
Part numbers indicated in the above table are subject to changed without notice!

Guascor cylinder head reconditon kit for SFGLD series engines


19.75.B80 Guascor cylinder head recondition kit

1975B80 is available in OEM version. High quality workmanship, reliable alternative to the original kit.

The OEM version does not involve the valve disk since it is not need to change.


Cylinder head reconditioning process